Book Excerpts

Book Excerpts

A Bend in the Road: A Year’s Journey Through Breast Cancer

I was losing the freedom and joy in life. I was holding on to life so tightly that I couldn’t enjoy it, I finally had to let it go. I let go of the terror. I let go of the cancer survivor identity. I even let go of any sense that I had any control over whether I would live or die. No one has a guarantee. No one has a promise of tomorrow.

What I did have is today. Did I want to spend it waking up and thinking of the cancer? Or did I want to wake up to the joy of the morning and the anticipation of a happy day? Did I want to look in the mirror and see a former cancer patient or a woman full of happiness and love? The answer was simple. I had to let it go, and let it be.

According to Thy Word

Mary didn’t appreciate it. She didn’t want to feed this baby – any other baby – but not this one. As the nuns left the room, she looked at the baby who was greedily sucking the bottle. He stopped as her eyes met his. He waved his little hand in the air and drooled some of the formula out. She bent down to check if he was alright and that’s when his little hand reached up and brushed her cheek. It was just like her mother used to do. And then he smiled at Mary. It was her mother’s soft gentle smile.

As the two nuns watched hidden behind the nursery supply room door, the tears flowed down Mary’s cheeks. The baby cooed at her, and that’s when Mary Catherine fell in love with her baby brother, Patrick.

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