According To Thy Word

“I absolutely LOVED this book! I read it in about 2 days because I couldn’t put it down. The characters were wonderfully crafted and I loved how they were intertwined to create an emotional, yet realistic, ending. I can honestly say I liked it more than The Secret Life of Bees, which was a New York Times bestseller.”
-Allison Piazza, Bronx, NY


“The characters in this book are so real yet so diverse. Each one has its own individual personality. This book has you join them in their deepest and most intimate struggles. It helped me face some of my personal trials with spirituality and forgiveness, yet never made me feel preached at.”
– Amanda Ditchik, New York, NY


“It’s rare these days to find a work of fiction that presents faith and morality in a positive light. I am looking foward to reading her next book.”
– E. Murphy


“Boyce incorporates the elements of storm as a metaphor for the emotional darkness that passes before the healing begins. Often suffering of our own design, other times the machinations of fate, is it human nature or a blessing that we seek others for help? Boyce gathers familiar lives together by circumstance, but it is the depth of her characters that is sure to deliver another winning read.”
– Christopher Klim, author, The Winners Circle


“Well-written and inspirational…”
– Most Rev. John Mortimer Smith, JCD, DD, Bishop of Trenton


“Your first novel was such a blessing to many…Thank you so much for sharing with us your depth of faith and insights through the medium of the novel.”
– Father Brendan Williams, Pastor, St. Veronica Church, Howell, NJ


Into the Way of Peace

“I met the author of this book right around the time she had just completed it. Our local Bishop highly recommended her books and so I went running over to her book table to purchase it. It is now tied for being my favorite book. “Damien the Leper” by John Farrow is the other one. These are books I try to read at least once a year because they keep me grounded in my faith when life throws me so many challenges. I have found so much wisdom and truth as well as encouragement, peace, and love in my times at Eucharistic adoration. Karen’s story is set in a church during Eucharistic adoration, yet it takes us through the centuries and even throughout salvation history to show us how God is always with us if we seek Him and trust Him. Karen brings Jesus to us so powerfully in this book. I am amazed at every word. It is both literary and spiritual perfection. Thank you, Karen, for gifting us with this treasure. I wish someone would make it into a movie. It would surely convert so many. God bless you, Karen.”
– Mary


“Rather than write a “feel good story” that reminds you of a Grade B movie, author Karen Kelly Boyce opted for realism in this novel and scores. Seven unique characters with believable life stories find their separate ways to a church during a snowstorm. Each is seeking refuge, not only from the storm, but the turbulence in their lives. Boyce has a talent not only for subtle metaphors, but for characterization and plot. These characters are so realistic, they are sure to remind you of folks you know in your life, maybe even yourself! While you are caught up in the plot and what will happen to each of them, you find yourself asking questions about your own life and beliefs. What is true peace? Is it attainable? Will these characters find the answer? Will you? A page turner from beginning to end . . .”
– Karen F. Riley, award-winning author and inspirational speaker


A Bend in the Road: A Year’s Journey Through Breast Cancer

“A Bend in the Road by Karen Kelly Boyce is an honest, poignant, informative, inspiring and, at times, heart-wrenching account of the author’s experience with breast cancer. This is a huge departure for Boyce, who writes Catholic novels (Into the Way of Peace, According to Thy Word). This book is well-written and, with honest emotion, Boyce describes her diagnosis, treatment and eventual victory over breast cancer. There are important chapters on prayer and meditations, and the author includes many healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I highly recommend this wonderful book to everyone, but most especially to women who are going through breast cancer treatment as well as for their family and friends.”

– Ellen Gable Hrkach, award-winning author


“I am an 8yr Breast Cancer Surviver & there was so much Medical information including dietary that I never knew. Different types of Surgery & Tests also info from Drs! The positive outlook was very important to me & I thank God I had that but this book allowed me to realize how so many women go without that Important attitude in beating Cancer. She tried to add humor when she could & that too I was able to relate to. Her own Religious journey she shared was so real & so were the emotions she experienced in the meditations that I was able to place myself where she was. A must read for those who have Breast Cancer or are Breast Cancer Survivers !!!”

– Caroline Augustensen


“This is one of those books you just can’t put down. Karen had me laughing one minute and crying the next. Her raw honesty – from diagnosis to survivor status – was a heartfelt journey of her personal struggle and triumph upon learning she had cancer. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone not just with cancer, but if you know someone who has it. A perfect gift idea.”

– Karen F. Riley, award-winning author and inspirational speaker

 Down Right Good – a Gold Eric Hoffer Award winner!

“Angie, a girl with Down syndrome delivers a free paper to the people in her town. We join her during her route where we learn about her and her customers and the lessons she gives them and all of us. Simple messages but ones that are easily forgotten as we go about our every day lives. Each chapter begins with a Bible verse. I liked that the book was written with a Christian point of view, with Angie’s grandmother as her main teacher. With a surprise ending for Angie, her family and the whole town, this was an easy, fast and enjoyable read that i would gladly recommend.”

– Erin T. Mullican, Old Hickory, TN


“You can’t help but fall in love with sweet Angie, a Down’s Syndrome child beautifully portrayed throughout the pages of this book by author Karen Kelly Boyce. Boyce has been gifted with the ability to make her characters come alive, but never more so than in Down Right Good. You’ll be swept into the story as you follow Angie on her bike as she delivers newspapers and steals the hearts of her customers. A surprise ending awaits readers of this delightful book!”

– Karen F. Riley, award-winning author and inspirational speaker


“Excellent book, enjoyed it thoroughly, great stories, with some spiritual aspect to each. Karen Kelly Boyce has done a great job, waiting for more books from this author. Recommend it to anyone who likes no nonsense reading, yet light with interesting characters.”
– Bski


“Down Right Good is pure wonderful wisdom, told through the eyes of a child with Down’s syndrome. Karen Kelly Boyce tells the story of Angie, a young girl with Down’s syndrome. The plot follows Angie through one day as she delivers her community’s weekly newspaper. Each customer on her route has his/her own relationship with Angie, and she touches each of their lives in a beautiful and wonderful way. Down Right Good provides a unique insight into the mind of a child with Down’s syndrome, and the beautiful mind these children are given by God. It is a must read for all children and families.”
-Donna Piscitelli


“Ten-year-old Angie, with Downs, and the other characters captivated my heart. I have enjoyed everyone of Karen Kelly Boyce’s books, including this one. I can’t wait to read the next book. All the characters saw how they needed to know Jesus & how much God the Father loved them & forgave them ; just as he does for each of us. You will not be disappointed with this or any of Karen Kelly Boyce’s novels. Read on!”
– Karen Haber


“This was a book filled with so many characters and ten-year-old Angie , with Downs, helped each and everyone of them. Their stories were all different except for the fact they all truly needed to know Jesus & how much God the Father loved them & Forgave them and Angie eventually,in her own way,changed their lives. If we can all try to be an Angie what a wonderfull world this woud be. A simple teaching for most people today who need to learn we ALWAYS have someone to Depend on, and to Love, Strengthen & Protect us. I have enjoyed everyone of Karen Kelly Boyce’s books can’t wait for the next one !!!”

– Caroline Augustensen


“Down Right Good, the latest novel from Karen Kelly Boyce, is told mostly from the perspective of Angie, a ten year old with Down Syndrome. Refreshingly (and sometimes brutally) honest, Angie has more wisdom than many “normal” adults. I highly recommend this wonderful book to anyone, most especially to those who question the value of Down Syndrome children in our society. This novel illustrates the uniqueness and value of every human being, no matter how ‘different.'”
– Ellen Gable Hrkach, award-winning author


Sisters of the Last Straw and the Case of the Haunted Chapel

“A delightful mystery for parents to read to their kids. Its an enjoyable story that teaches kids forgiveness and how to overcome bad habits with fun and humor.”

– Nicole LaBrocca


“This is a pleasant tale of a refreshingly independent order of nuns. They are resourceful, hard-working ‘gals’, determined to make a place for themselves in Spring Creek Township. From mishaps with the neighbors to fighting demons within, there are lots of lessons to be learned. Readers of all ages should enjoy these Sisters, but ‘pray’ kids appear sooner in the sequel. That could only ramp up the kid appeal for this promising series.”
– Gail H. Florida


“Sisters of the Last Straw is a fun and entertaining book for children of grade school age. The book offers a lot: mystery,laughs, and good values, such as the warm comraderie of the sisters. A fun read!”

-Barbara Hosbach


“Wanted a book I could read aloud with my grandchildren and also initiate some religious conversation. This is that book. Loved the description of the Sisters and their humorous antics. Great book for adults and kids alike.”



“I grew up on Nancy Drew and I think most young people are drawn to mysteries and figuring out the answer from the clues. But a group of misfit nuns solving cases? The reader will be pleasantly surprised, as I was. These delightful nuns – each with their own personality and faults – quickly engage the reader and the humor is age appropriate and wonderful. Now that I’m hooked, I can’t wait for the next installation.”

– Karen F. Riley, award-winning author and inspirational speaker


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